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Web Designer & Front-End Developer

My name is Kevin De Souza and I specialize in cost effective User Interface Design and Website Design. I build neat, professional and appealing websites which comply with the latest web standards. All my websites are CSS driven with an emphasis on trouble-free usability and accessibility.

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I've put together some examples of recent design work, development projects and marketing strategies. Judge for yourself how good I am. Browse My Portfolio ►

Web Design and Build

Web Design & Build

I design/build bespoke websites that stand out and make a good first impression. Enticing users to browse through and find out more about there products or services. Learn more ►

Logo Designing and Branding

Logo Designing & Branding

I design strong and unique logos that will help your business build an identity and a status, that set you apart from your competition and gain new clients. Learn more ►

Graphic Design for Print

Graphic Design for Print

I have real hands-on experience in print design, whether you need office stationary, or a eyecatching flyer/poster/business card, I've got it covered. Learn more ►

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Want to get listed in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing? I can help you get more traffic to your website via social networking, email marketing and PPC advertising. Learn more ►



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